Young Transport Workers

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Leave your comments and thoughts on young transport workers and the issues and opportunities that are encountered by unions and workers across the region. We want your feedback so be sure to post below.

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Working towards a better future for all

Many affiliates are beginning to recognise the importance of young workers in ensuring their union's continuity. Issues faced by young workers were also acknowledged and plans were also made to address these issues. I feel that there is an urgent need for more effort and emphasis to be placed on organising and education of young workers. We should all work together towards a better future for all.

How can ITF education be relevant for young workers?

Hello to all the brothers and sisters at the young workers conference. In a few weeks time, we will be holding the young workers summer school to learn more about the political and industrial issues for young workers. We will also focus on young workers' participation in struggles beyond the workplace. I would be really interested to hear your ideas about ITF education, and how we can make sure that all our training programmes meet the needs of young workers. You will also have an opportunity at the conference to hear sister Nishi's report on regional education programmes. This is a great chance for you to actively contribute to the discussion about the future direction of education in the region.

What are the priorities for young workers in Asia / Pacific?

Hello from the ITF young workers team in London!

We hope the conference and discussions are going well.

Please let us know by clicking on 'post a comment' what the priorities are for young workers in the region? What are the challenges that you face and how have you overcome them? Where have you had success organising young workers in the region?

Ingo, Donna and Ali