Women Transport Workers

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Leave your comments and thoughts on women transport workers and the issues and opportunities that are encountered by unions and workers across the region. We want your feedback so be sure to post below.

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equal opportunities to women leaders

Hi all ITF Members
first of all i wish the ITF Congress a great success.
while discussing the key issues i would like to raise the voice for strengthening women in the transport sector unions. at regional and national global level.
it is necessary to motivate women workers to share the responsibility of a strong union member and fight against the injustice ,against the violence against women which is a trade union issue.
it is necessary for strengthening the trade union activities to join more and more women in the unions they must be given responsibilities to represent their issues so that they will be strong and fearless.

Our Sisters lack proper amenities & rest

Sisters working on Indian Railways are facing the lack in basic amenities in comparison to their male counterparts. Although women employees are coming forward to take up the tough jobs such as track maintainers, piloting the trains, ticket checking etc., they do dot get proper amenities such as separate toilets or rest rooms. The officers do not grant the Child Care Leave (CCL) for which they are eligible and are forced to work. It is time that we act on this demand appropriate steps from the administration.

Sexual harrasment

Sexual harrasment was for me one of the big issues we discussed. I am a cabin crew on Garuda and many of our members experience sexual harassment from passengers. It was one of the reasons that I joined the union. The union is able to push the company to deal with this issue.

We need to increase our women's voice

We need to continue to increase our women's voice in decision making and leadership in our workplace and our unions. I urge our brothers to give opportunities to our sisters and continue to do so.

Violence against women

Violence against women has emerged as a key issue during our discussions. This needs tackling in both the workplace and the family. I look forward to the ITF Women's Network being reactivated.