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  • What targets can we set for strategic ITF work in the Asia-Pacific region?
  • Do we need to map union strength and identify vulnerable supply chains?
  • Is "organising, organising, organising" the only union response to the region's challenges?
  • How can we unionise growing areas like low-cost carriers in aviation?
  • How do we face up to rights violations – will a regional solidarity strategy help?

These and other strategies need your feedback!

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Organising from the port terminal to the freight station

In the GTI Terminal near Mumbai drivers and loaders in the terminal are all contract workers. The Transport and Dock Workers Union held successful organising campaigns at the APM terminal and DPW. Our next target was the Container Freight Stations which are inland from the terminals along the freight corridor. Last month we organised 247 CFS workers, more than 90% of the workforce and won union recognition. To acheive these organising gains we developed teams on the ground. We chose easier winnable issues and showed the workers what a union could acheive. We linked with the organised dockers and seafarers.and in dealing with the big global operators used the ITF to reach right into the board rooms of APM and DPW. Last February during a general strike by all unions in India for the first time all the GTI terminal workers stopped work in solidarity. GTI Mumbai was 100 per cent stopped. What a victory! See our pictures in our facebook page

Organising means getter stronger

Of course being organised is the only answer. Trade unions are the only vehicle working class people have to fight against exploitation by employers. We need to get organised in a structured and proactive way. We have to stop reacting and take control!