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Here you can find the latest ITF reports, pictures and comments from the conference floor.

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Delivering a regional strategy for organising

The Asia Pacific Regional Conference has identified some of the key tasks to deliver a regional strategy for the next four years. These include a regional work programme which shall:

  • Research and map the transport industries in the Asia Pacific Region and identify key companies, locations and supply chains ; map the strength of transport unions in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Develop a planned, deliverable, monitored four year work programme that prioritises a small number of organising projects for most effectively building union leverage and strength in the region
  • Build organising programmes across the transport industries and along supply chains including working with other Global Union Federations.
  • Support a sustainable regional organising strategy by developing organising skills and capacity within the region. Utilise this capacity to support both regional and global organising programmes
  • Integrate regional priorities and strategies within the global programmes and priorities of the ITF, including their integration into the planning, strategies and programmes of the industry sections.
  • Ensure that the issues of women workers and young workers are integrated into the planning and implementation of all programmes

The ITF General Secretary should review ways to strengthen the secretariat's structure and resources in the region, including maintaining and supporting sub regional programmes and activities to deliver the work programme.

17 May 2013
ITF Asia Pacific Women's Conference Action Points

The ITF Asia Pacific Womens  Conference met on 10-11 May. The meeting brought women transport uniojn representatives together from right across the region. The agenda focussed on identifying key issues for women transport workers; supporting women in gaining positions in the decisionmaking bodies of their unions; and building an ITF Asia Pacific women transport workers' network. The following action points emerged from the meeting:

  • Establish an Asia Pacific women’s network, and call upon those unions that have not been able to participate in this Conference to nominate and support a representative to help us progress this work.
  • Asia/Pacific region to actively support the ITF and United Nations Anti Violence campaigns.
  • Organising and training programs for the region continue to be broadened and enhanced to allow more women to participate.
  • ITF and affiliate communication should always ensure that women are visible in any documents, newsletters, flyers or promotional material to ensure that women working in our industry are seen as the norm rather than the exception. 
  • All efforts to be made by the ITF secretariat and the affiliates to reach, if not exceed, the previously agreed 30% participation target for women in all ITF meetings.
  • ITF A/P Affiliates to take measures including implementing gender quotas to increase women’s participation in the decision making bodies of their respective unions.
  • Invite our male colleagues to join us at future women’s meetings.
  • Endorse the Resolution passed at the Asia Pacific Womens  Regional Conference
  • Report progress to Regional Committee 
17 May 2013
Now we have to do it!

Acting General Secretary Stephen Cotton kept his closing message to the Asia Pacific Regional Conference short and clear. The Asia Pacific Region has the fastest growing economies with the biggest workforces we must ensure they have the strongest and most effective unions.We have debated and identified our key challenges; we have identified our action points; now we need to go and implement them. Now we have to do it!



17 May 2013
Getting Young Workers Involved

Unions need to reach out to young workers and get them involved. The Asia Pacific Young Workers Committee heard from a number of participants that many young workers do not even know what a union is. Yet young workers are those that most need union protection. For young workers short term contracts and other forms of precarious employment are now the norm. Unions should use facebook and other social networking media as a way to reach young workers and make them aware of their rights. The ITF and its industry sections also need to listen to the concerns of young workers who are faced by unprecedented levels of job insecurity and unemployment.

17 May 2013
Asia Pacific Regional Committee elected

International Transport Workers Federation

Asia/Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)



APRC CHAIR  :                                 Hanafi Rustandi

APRC VICE-CHAIR :                                    Yasumi Morita

APRC VICE CHAIR :                                    Abdul Gani Serang

APRC VICE CHAIR :                                    Rick Burton


Country                                               Name                         

Australia                                            Rick Burton

Bangladesh                                       S.M Shafiqur Rahman (Provisional)

Myanmar                                           Aung Thu Ya

Cambodia                                          Nhim Vuth

Fiji                                                      Rajeshwar Singh

Hong Kong                                       Kong Chi Chung

India                                                   Abdul Gani Serang

Indonesia                                           Hanafi Rustandi

Japan                                                  Yasumi Morita

Kiribati                                              Ioteba Tekee

Korea                                                 To be decided

Malaysia                                            Zainal Rampak

Maldives                                           Ibrahim Khaleel

Mongolia                                           Erdenbat Sukhbaatar

Nepal                                                 Ajay Kumar Rai (First 2 years)

Rajeev Ghimire (Second 2 years)

New Zealand                                    Garry Parsloe

Pakistan                                             Shaikh Mohammad Iqbal (Provisional)

Papua New Guinea                         Nancy Manga

Philippines                                       German N. Pascua, Jr.

Singapore                                          Tan Boon Toi

Solomon Islands                               Tony Kagovai

Sri Lanka                                           Leslie Devendra

Taiwan                                               Ma Chau

Thailand                                            Sanan Boon-Ngok

Tonga                                                 Robert Tofa

Tuvalu                                               Fepuali Ketiseni

Uzbekistan                                        Shavkat Mongliev

Vanuatu                                             Ephraim Kalsakau

Women                                              Doris Sin Hiu Yan (Hong Kong)

Women                                              Kalpana Desai (India)

Youth                                                 To be decided






Ex-Officio Members


Paddy Crumlin                                 President – Australia

Yoji Fujisawa                                                Executive Board Member, Japan

Dr. Conrado Oca                              Executive Board Member, Philippines

Leslie Devendra                               Executive Board Member, Sri Lanka

Hanafi Rustandi                               Executive Board Member, Indonesia

Joong Hwan, Lee                              Executive Board Member, Korea

Koichi Watanabe                              Executive Board Member, Japan

C.A. Rajashridhar                             Executive Board Member, India

Mary Liew                                         Executive Board Member, Singapore

Stephen Cotton                                 Acting General Secretary

Mahendra Sharma                            Regional Secretary







17 May 2013