About the Conference

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“It is important for affiliates in the region to fully and actively participate in the conference. We want leaders and activists to input into discussions to be held from 11 to 17 May in Hong Kong. We particularly encourage women and young transport workers to join in. We hope this site will help us to achieve this call for participation.”  

Mahendra Sharma, ITF regional secretary for the Asia Pacific region 

What is a regional conference and why is it important?

The ITF holds regional conferences once every four years. These gatherings are where discussions on regional issues and solutions take place and are the largest and most important for ITF affiliates. The outcomes of your discussions will be taken to the ITF Congress 'From Global Crisis to Global Justice, Transport workers fighting back' in 2014. At the congress, the ITF family will set the direction and policy for the next four years as well as electing the president, vice-president, general secretary and executive board.

Your regional conference

The 8th ITF Asia/Pacific regional conference will be held in Hong Kong from 11-17 May 2013. 

The conference theme ‘Organising to build strong transport unions in the Asia/Pacific region' reflects key discussions that will take place on the importance of mobilising workers in the face of the global economic slowdown. Participants will look at ways to deal with issues and challenges transport workers face in the region, and to improve the effectiveness of the ITF and its affiliates and of the trade union movement as a whole in the region in preparation for Congress.

Straight from the conference floor

Have your say and find out what issues are being debated and the solutions proposed.

You can: